Free January campus housing offered next year

By Michael Cole, Staff Writer

Housing for January term in 2013 will be free to students, Dr. David Dockery, university president, told the student senate April 11.

“It’s a win-win for both the administration and the students,” said Ken Litscher, director of residence life.

Litscher said Union will offer free housing because many students take courses during January term and live off campus. Offering free housing would encourage more students to do coursework on campus during that time.

“Some students get six people to an apartment to take a class and save money,” he said. Approximately 400 campus residents registered for January term in 2011, and only 167 lived on campus in 2012.

Students such as Hannah McKnight, junior nursing major, will now be able to take advantage of J-term without worrying about paying for housing.

“(J-term) was a productive time,” McKnight said. “I took six hours worth of classes and got them knocked out in four weeks. I am very excited about the free housing because I was already planning on taking J-term for pathophysiology and a sports credit.”

The regular January term restrictions still apply to students. Listcher said residents must register for three credit hours or more and must be registered to take classes at Union in fall 2012, along with a few various fees that are charged every J-term. These fees are minimal and are used for the fitness center and other facilities around campus.

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