Fitness fads find fanatics

By Hannah Lutz, Staff Writer

Fitness crazes are everywhere. Workout videos and exercise classes have been a favorite among people trying to get into better shape. P90X, Insanity, Zumba and CrossFit are a few of the most recent fit­ness crazes.

P90X and Insanity are workout videos one can do at home and see results within 60 to 90 days. P90X is an 90-day fitness pro­gram that combines cardiovascular work­outs, weight and resistance training, yoga and stretching routines.

Sarah Parks, junior exercise science ma­jor, completed both P90X and Insanity pro­grams. She said each has its own benefits.

“P90X focused on building muscle,” Parks said, “but Insanity had a lot of cardio that made me more lean.”

Parks said she prefered Insanity over the P90X workout program because it targets a broader audience.

“I have become more toned with P90X,” Parks said. “With Insanity, every single day you are working your entire body. My en­durance has skyrocketed from Insanity.”

Working out with videos at home can be great if one are self-motivated. Insanity is another video proven to show results. The 60-day workout program focuses on Max Interval Training, which is a burst of high intensity and short rest periods.

Both P90X and Insanity are designed for a person who has some background of regular exercise. If looking to build en­durance, maximize fat-burning capabilities and develop a six-pack, Insanity will give the best results.

With P90X one will gain a bit of every­thing by tackling a few parts of the body at a time and splitting up routines.

Working out at home can be a challenge for some. Trying a dance class such as Zumba has helped many women get into shape and learn how to dance at the same time. Over the past five years Zumba has popped up in almost every gym.

Vicki Downing, certified personal trainer at Snapp Fitness in Jackson, recommends clients take a Zumba class on rest days from lifting weights.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program that blends music with easy-to-follow moves. The idea is the person is having fun while working out. It also caters to all different ages and physical levels.

“It is fun and still a workout,” Downing said. “The moves work muscles that have not been touched in a while.”

CrossFit is becoming popular for those looking for an extreme workout. It is a strength and conditioning program. The classes include a warm up, a skill and de­velopment segment and a high-intensity workout that lasts around 20 minutes.

In CrossFit gyms minimal machines are used, and creating a CrossFit area in a ga­rage is possible. Every day a “Workout of the Day” is planned that helps keep the workout fun and interesting. The exer­cises go three days a week, and the idea is to push out as many reps as possible in a timed segment. The focus of CrossFit is strength, not weight loss.

Bryant Hankins, blogger of “Everyday Excellence,” joined CrossFit and said it works because it can be done anywhere, traveling or at home. Jackson has a Cross­Fit gym and instructors to help get started.

“CrossFit has a community feel,” Han­kins said. “Online, the workouts are posted every day, and when I go to the CrossFit gym there are people there to motivate me to push harder.”

CrossFit also encourages healthy eat­ing habits by promoting protein, fruits and vegetables. CrossFit’s philosophy is “Don’t eat anything you can’t kill or grow,” which means staying away from pastas and pro­cessed foods.

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