Cardinal & Cream changes format, focus

By Beth Byrd


The Cardinal and Cream as you know it is changing.

Our regular readers may have noticed the print edition slimmed down since last semester. Have no fear – the newspaper is not disappearing. However, it is my hope as editor-in-chief for the 2012-2013 academic school year that my staff and I will take a different direction in the way we provide news for the campus.

First, we want to refocus the content of the Cardinal and Cream’s print edition on the university.

Campus life and activities will dominate the pages, providing in-depth coverage of Union events, organizations, academic departments and news updates. The Union community buzzes with life, and my staff and I are determined to keep you informed on the latest campus occurrences.

Second, we want to update the Cardinal and Cream’s website.

All of the stories found in the print edition now will be located online on the day of publication.  Extended and exclusive stories not featured in print also will be regularly posted during the week between issues.

Additional online changes include regular updates through Facebook and Twitter and a stronger focus on video, audio and photography pieces. Digital media opportunities abound in modern journalism, and my staff and I want to deliver the freshest news in various platforms for your convenience.

Third, we want to introduce blogs as the Cardinal and Cream’s newest writing format.

While still relevant to the Union community, our editors’ blogs will bring a different flavor to the newspaper’s coverage by featuring topics that will sometimes trail off campus.

Blog categories will range from devotionals to restaurant reviews, but all will be designed to challenge and encourage you during your academic journey in Jackson.

The blogs will be located on our website, so be looking for them by the end of the month.

We want to do our best to cover what matters to the Union community, so those in campus leadership roles should not be surprised when you hear from our reporters more frequently.

In order to ensure we provide the best coverage possible, I also encourage you to contact me at with information about your organization or department. We do not want to miss any opportunity to cover a story for our campus.

Many of these changes can be seen and experienced now. Others, such as the website’s formatting facelift due next semester, will take time to accomplish. My staff and I have a long pathway of improvements ahead of us, but I hope the Cardinal and Cream – whether in print or online – will become a vital part of your daily routine.

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