Breakfast Experimentations

Old habits die hard.

Growing up, I would eat breakfast food only at night. And to this day, that’s usually the only time when I crave things like pancakes and bacon. Tonight, then, I decided to make my own twist of a breakfast-inspired recipe I saw in an old Fitness magazine I have. And to my surprise, it actually was pretty decent.

The process was pretty simple – separate and toast an English muffin, fry a couple of eggs and slice a tomato. I topped the muffin halves with the eggs and tomatoes, and sprinkled a dash of parsley flakes on top. It was good how I had it, but I kept thinking of ways to improve it – perhaps with a few spinach leaves nestled between the tomato and egg with sliced avocado on top. It’s a super-easy meal you can be a little creative with, adding whatever kind of toppings you like to create this fancy form of a breakfast during any time of the day.


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Image courtesy of Beth Byrd|Cardinal & Cream
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