By Gracie Ferrell, News Editor

A picture of “The Vow” actors Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum nose-to-nose is splashed across the front cover. However, not many other dots can be connected between the blockbuster film and the book, based  on true events.

After first seeing its film version, I delved into the book expecting to basically read the same plot line I watched in the theater. Right off the bat, though, the book’s faith element becomes one of the starkest differences.

The movie highlighted the couple attempting  to reassemble their lives after a tragic  car accident and the wife’s resulting memory loss that  left her  running  back  into  the arms of her estranged family. However, the book solely focuses on the couple working through the tragedy by their faith in Christ.

Written by the real couple Kim and Krickett Carpenter, the book is not the most elaborately written piece of  literature. However, it does give readers an  inside  glance at how two people, originally drawn to  each  other  by  their deep faith, can survive something most couples could  never  even  dream of — their partner completely forgetting who they married.

I give the book three out of four stars. It is not suprising that few similarities exist between it and the film version. However, the story becomes one not of true love or fate but rather of two people committed to keep the vows they made before their families and God. 

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