Campus biology group recruits new members

By Jake Fain
Staff Writer

Union University’s biology majors are on the move to make a difference.

The group known as BIOME, Biologists in Observation of the Master’s Earth, has taken to new means to recruit new members and find ways to make a positive impact.

Juliana Cobb, BIOME’s president and senior cell and molecular biology major, said BIOME gives biology majors a chance to get together and socialize, “but we also have guest speakers at our formal meetings so that we gain some insight from professionals in the field.”

Though the group was originally started for biology majors, other majors are welcome, said Kelsey Wright, senior biology major and the group’s secretary.

“Our group has 30 to 40 members, and there are plenty of students who aren’t biology majors,” Wright said. “Some of them were just interested, so anyone can join if they want.”

BIOME’s local projects include assisting elementary school science teachers with large classes, helping children at the regional science fair and assisting with their first dissection.

Group members also seek to help those in need overseas. They will soon take their first step to raise money for the drilling of new water wells in Africa.

One step includes students saving the money that would be used to purchase any drink other than water for two weeks and then donating that money to the cause.

The group also gathers simply for social events, such as an approaching excursion to The Memphis Zoo. BIOME meets during the chapel hour on that last Monday of the month in White Hall’s Department of Biology.

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