Avoid being victim of theft with these tips

By Zach Palermo
Staff Writer

Even on a campus as seemingly safe as Union’s, thefts can and do occur.

To combat the issue, senior biblical studies major Kiley Morin submitted a proposal to have a fence put up around campus, preferably one that would complement campus buildings.

Though applauded by both Safety and Security officials and administration, the proposal was not implemented because of a lack of funds. Plans for a new fence do exist.

Morin also proposed hosting a security seminar in the mandatory building meetings held every semester. The seminars would brief students on basic campus safety while also bringing in a security or police officer to discuss not only general safety but also theft and sexual assault, and how to prevent such crimes from happening.

“People need to be more aware of their surroundings and use common sense,” Morin said. “I just want people to be aware.”

Director of Safety and Security Carson Hawkins offered several tips to keep students and their belongings safe.

1) “Be aware of your surroundings and the people that surround you,” Hawkins said. This tip is fairly self-explanatory, he said. Students should be smart about the people that they are around as well as where and when they walk on campus.

2) “Don’t present an easy target.” Hawkins advises students to avoid walking away from their belongings, even for a few minutes. He also cautions against leaving valuables in backpacks — especially backpacks that are open or can be easily seen into.

3) “Don’t leave anything of value to yourself unattended.” Usually, thefts brought to Hawkins’ attention involve iPads, laptops or cell phones. He said those items tend to get stolen when their owners leave them lying around unattended, even for only a short while.
Hawkins also recommends students report any type of suspicious persons or activity to Safety and Security.

Contacting Safety and Security

The best way to reach Safety and Security is via the 24-hour cell phone line at (731) 394-2922. This number is primarily used after business hours, but students are able to call at any time and should use this number to report thefts or in case of an emergency.

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