A Time to Celebrate

Birthdays become more enjoyable as you get older.

Don’t get me wrong. Children’s birthday parties are fun-filled experiences. But think back on being a kid — did you ever attend or throw a party that did not end in some drama?

In my own experience, I never knew if the toy I bought my friend would be cool enough, or if they already owned that item. At the party itself, there always was the kid who would get hurt, and there always was the kid who had a bad case of jealousy and would scream when the birthday kid got a cool toy.

Do not even get me started on the picky eaters, and the tears that would pour because the host was serving vanilla ice cream and the child only ate chocolate. And forget about there being peace on who received which slice of cake.

For adults, things become much simpler.

The gift-buying process is less terrifying. For instance, while gift cards may get a lot of bad rap, they actually make great gifts. Have you ever heard the receiver complain about having too much money to spend that’s not their own? I haven’t either.

Adults tend to be less picky about what flavor of ice cream is served. Their parties tend to end with fewer scratched knees and tears. Cheesecakes also are difficult to decorate with faces of Elmo or Barbie, so fewer fights ensue on who gets the piece with Elmo’s right eye.

Recently, I’ve shared in a couple of special birthdays (both for adults!), and have the pictures of the delicious food served to prove it.




For my sister’s birthday, we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire – delicious! For my fiancee’s birthday, his mom and I surprised him with a trip to P. F. Changs, his favorite Asian restaurant in Memphis.

What’s your favorite birthday meal?

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