A Friday Treat

Fridays can be difficult mornings to drag yourself out of bed, especially after a week of very little sleep.

But when my friend asked if we could get some treats at Panera before our 8 o’clock class, I amazingly had no trouble getting up that morning. I’m sure you couldn’t guess why!

Choosing something at Panera is like trying to decide from all amazingly good things. I’m sure the people working there get tired of me taking 20 minutes to decide what I want. Despite the prices being a bit hard on my wallet, I don’t believe I’ve ever tried anything that I didn’t like. Their cookies are amazing, and their loaves of bread make me want to cry tears of joy. Ever tried their summer strawberry chicken salad with poppy seed dressing? It’s amazing, as well as their breakfast power sandwiches and peach smoothies.

But this weekend, I decided on a cup of hot chocolate. Simple, but delicious. The taste was definitely unique, as it had almost a chocolate syrup flavor when I first sipped it. But the more I sipped, the more I liked it. It was the perfect drink on a cool October morning.



My friend enjoys the chai tea at Panera, which I’m excited to try next. Do you have any favorites?

Until next time,


Image courtesy of Beth Byrd|Cardinal & Cream
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