Technological advances allow Bulldog fans to view games

By Grant Braden

Union University athletics have always been something to be excited about. For a while now though something else has allowed students and parents to get even more thrilled: sports broadcasts.

The past year marked the first time baseball, soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball home games were all available to be screened live through the Internet to fans everywhere.

Union is one of the first schools in the TranSouth conference to utilize live feeds online.

Live video feeds of Union’s athletics have many positives, but none more important than allowing parents of athletes to be able to view their child play.  Steven Aldridge has been the sports information director at Union since 2000 and has had a huge part in helping with the statistics and video.

“We get so many calls from parents who weren’t able to be here, thanking us for what we do,” Aldridge said.

Another thing Union has done in the athletics-media area is broadcasting baseball and basketball home games through a local radio station. For parents and fans residing in West Tennessee, tuning the radio to 93.1 allows them to enjoy an assortment of different sporting events.

A final thing Union has done with its athletics is making live status updates available to everyone through the Internet. This function is available for the five major sports at Union and it allows the fans to do many things. Not only are they able to watch the game without being on campus, but they are able to view players stats for the game. Union makes this available through a website that organizes stats and makes the game easy to follow and fun for all.

Philip Tang, junior sports broadcasting major, and announcer for many of the games fans hear on the feed, spoke about how special this new feature is.

“With the way technology is getting more advanced, more and more is possible,” Tang said. “Former players can follow their alma mater. Opposing coaches can see how Union plays. And there may be scouts who use it to scout players.”

Without video, stats and audio, Union athletics would not be the same. These functions allow parents and fans not able to be on Union’s campus the chance to appreciate Union athletics anywhere

Those who are not familiar with how to utilize this function can visit the Union website to learn more.

The easiest way to use this tool to type in the URL, and it will load on to the correct page to access the functions and enjoy Union athletics live from anywhere in their home.

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