Students attempt stardom on ‘Glee’

Joe Lindamood (left), junior music education major, and Zac McMillan, sophomore intercultural studies major, practice the night before ‘The Glee Project’ auditions start in Nashville Nov. 9. | Photo by Jacob Moore

By Cari Phillips, Staff Writer

Two Union students have taken a step into the television world by auditioning for “The Glee Project” in hopes of appearing on the next season of “Glee.”

“Glee,” a musical television show, captivated the hearts of fans with its versatile characters and catchy songs, winning many since it first aired three years ago.

The show gives viewers a glimpse into a public high school, as students compete in singing competitions and live through life’s challenges.

“‘Glee’ is high school,” said Joe Lindamood, junior music education major. “It is definitely not your Christian high school. It is what public school looked like           for me.”

Lindamood received an email from a Fox producer suggesting he audition for “The Glee Project,” because he saw Lindamood’s audition for “American Experience” — a downscaled version of the show. Lindamood quickly responded and filmed his video for the project.

“If I won the actual ‘Glee Project,’ I would just be my quirky self and have fun with it,” Lindamood said. “I am looking at this as a ministry opportunity, because I’ll be representing Christ in front of millions of  people.”

Zac McMillan, sophomore intercultural studies major, is also auditioning, hoping his interest in jazz music will send him forward.

McMillan’s musical interests include artists Harry Connick Jr. and Ella Fitzgerald.

“This style is not the norm among many singers my age,” McMillan said. “This uniqueness, I believe, would make me a good candidate for          the show.”

Both Lindamood and McMillan said they are eager to give everything they can to prove they have what it takes to be on the show.

“Sometimes people have a clouded view of the show, thinking that ‘Glee’ is just a secular show,” Lindamood said. “Christianity can’t be Christianity without an actual world, and Glee is a good representation of what it would look like for a Christian to live in a secular environment.”

McMillan said he would make sure to “show the judges all that I can do with music. It would be interesting to go to California and meet many other people passionate about music like I am.”

Many fans of the show are watching the videos on “The Glee Project” website and commenting and liking their favorites.

“‘Glee’ is amazing,” said Jill Taylor, freshman art major. “I have kept up with ‘Glee’ since it started. I like how it shows a variety of people getting together and not being judgmental of each other. I watch “The Glee Project” songs on YouTube and I like them a lot.”



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