Society promotes stargazing

 By Rebekah Montgomery, Staff Writer

A Union student has set his goal high—trillions of miles high.

Ward Howard, freshman physics major, seeks to bring the stars and planets to students.

Howard said he plans to establish an official astronomy club at Union within the next semester or two, and desires to increase interest in outer space on campus and in the Jackson community.

Howard said it was important to learn about space because the heavens declare the glory of God. He said he feels “we miss out on understanding some of his glory if we miss out on a major element of his creation.”

Howard said the stars and planets are right above us, but we never take much time to look. He aims to change this.

He has started an unofficial stargazing group as a first step to increase interest in outer space.

“It is such a blessing that Ward Howard has taken the lead to create the Union stargazing society,” said Dr. David Ward, professor of physics. “He has a passion for observational astronomy and is very knowledgeable about the night sky.”

Howard led the first event Oct. 7 for the stargazing student society. Ward officiated the outing, and Sandra Hathcox, assistant professor of education, opened her lawn for the event. Hathcox and her grandson, Craver, joined the stargazers for a few hours. The group observed Earth’s moon, Jupiter and its four Galilean moons and globular clusters.

“It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie, and you can see it right there on the telescope,” Howard said.

Ward said the next viewing will likely take place on Union’s campus.

“We will likely get in a viewing right on campus to make it easier for folks to join us,” he said.

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