Holiday movies resurface, traditions continue

By Katlyn Moncada, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Every year, holiday-themed films are popped into DVD players to be reminders of the spirit of Christmas — or to get a good laugh.

Numerous holiday films have come out over the last few years, attempting to join classics such as “It’s A Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Story.” While “Four Christmases” and “Christmas with the Kranks” may not have made your traditional lists to watch, a great collection of holiday films bring joy into homes during the most wonderful time of the year.

  White Christmas

Going to the Vermont Lodge in 1954, singing Irving Berlin’s brilliant music, “White Christmas” is a must-watch during the season every year.

Accompanied by an outstanding cast, Bing Crosby gives a memorable performance as Bob Wallace as he helps and honors his former commanding general by bringing guests to his vacant lodge on Christmas. Tears are likely to be shed during this film.

 Polar Express

Once a beautifully illustrated children’s book, the story has been turned into an animated motion picture. Tom Hanks brings several characters to the screen with catchy, heartfelt tunes and the story of a boy who turns into a believer of Santa after a trip to the North Pole.


Home Alone 1 & 2

Watching “Home Alone” and “Home Alone: Lost in New York” growing up caused a longing to be able to do things like Kevin McCalister. The comedy that accompanies his character while terrorizing the robbers in his neighborhood can still cause roars of laughter after watching it for 20 years. The theme, however, is also filled with hope and gives a feeling of gratitude for actually being part of a loving family.


Jingle All The Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Christmas movie? While the film did not deserve any Academy Awards, this movie is a hilarious take on the ridiculous chaos that occurs along the holiday season — shopping. The outrageous search for an action figure at the last minute turns into a charming tale of giving. This film may be predictable, but is still a great comedy with a heartfelt theme of the importance of family.


A large man who thinks he is actually an elf in the North Pole? Only Will Ferrell could play this part and be able to make you laugh at his innocence when trying to join the real world in New York City. This may be one of the only recent Christmas films deemed worthy of joining the traditional list.

Christmas Vacation

Welcoming the Griswolds into one’s home every year is always entertaining. Extreme Christmas lighting fixtures and a squirrel-infested Christmas tree are only a couple of the extreme events taking place within this interesting family.

Muppets Christmas Carol

With the dozens of adaptations of this Charles Dickens classic tale, Michael Caine plays a great Scrooge and interacts well with Kermit and   the gang. Gonzo narrating as Dickens with his rat sidekick, Rizzo, makes for a funny, light-hearted twist.

The Santa Clause

This film is a hysterical performance by Tim Allen in which he is forced to become Santa Claus after the real  Santa falls off his roof on Christmas Eve. From Santa’s colorful workshop to his sleigh that spouts hot cocoa and cookies — this film is has great detail and is the best of the three in the franchise.

Animated shorts

From films such as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” the animated, stop-motion and Claymation films have been some of the best to watch each year.

This list does not dent the dozens of holiday films deemed traditional favorites. Some  believe these films are crazy and cheesy. Maybe they are. Regardless, these classic holiday films will bring family and friends together  for the tradition to continue.

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