Careful skin care fights damage, nourishes body

By Kathryn Flippin

Keeping healthy, glowing skin in the winter is not an easy task, especially when temperatures are frequently changing. In order to protect skin from becoming neglected, there are a few things to remember.

First, summer is not the only time skin can become dried out. While heat waves may be the prime time for hydration, skin actually requires extra moisture in the winter because more dead skin cells rest on its top layers.

Exfoliating helps wash away old cells, making room for new ones. Nothing will be effective until one has rejuvenated skin.

Moisturizing, after exfoliating, is another important step to remember with winter skin care. The face is the most common place for adding moisture, but other places like feet, elbows and knees need to be revitalized as well.

A lot of choices and questions also come into play. What is the best moisturizer for different skins? What makes one different from another? Hayley Nelson, general manager for Ulta in Jackson, said it is good to find an intense moisturizer that will stay on all day long.

“Philosophy’s ‘Hope in a Jar’ provides lightweight moisture when going on but has the coverage needed to keep skin hydrated all day,” Nelson said. “Also, products with the ingredient hyaluronic acid help the skin to continuously retain moisture.”

For those who want to go the more inexpensive route, Neutrogena’s “Intensified Day Moisture” provides similar coverage while also catering to sensitive skin. Vaseline is another basic way to moisten skin. Applying it to windblown skin, cracked cuticles or areas such as elbows and kneecaps can seal and protect the skin.

Women also need to be aware of the makeup they use. Nelson suggests using a primer after moisturizing and before applying makeup in order to create a barrier. Choices range from Bare Minerals’ “Foundation Primer” to Revlon’s “Smoothing Primer,” but all have the same goal of keeping the skin protected.

Chelsea Cox, junior athletic training and independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay cosmetics, said in addition to using a barrier, using a powder helps with full coverage. It sets in the makeup and provides an outer shield for the skin and makeup.

Both Cox and Nelson agreed that makeup and lotion with SPF provide the best coverage, while also preventing winkles.

“People do not factor in wind blowing and skin flaking,” Nelson said. “Sunscreen blocks additional damage that can trickle into summer and the rest of life.”

Last, drinking plenty of water and exercising helps to stimulate blood flow in the body. This helps with glow and circulation, both important factors in healthy-looking skin.

Each of these steps requires an extra moment of time, but they keep the skin fresh and replenished during the winter.

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