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Should Christians copy culture?

Merchandise lines the shelves with bright colors and flashy boxes. Crosses gleam from the glossy cardboard, boasting of a more appropriate, toned-down version. This is the world of “Christianized” merchandise. Cheerful imitations of popular fads — here one day and gone the next. [more]

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‘Glee’ tops charts with cover songs

The musical television show “Glee” has acquired many chart-topping songs from remakes based on popular hit songs of artists past and present. For almost two years, fans of the award-winning television show have crazed over the fancy, harmonized versions of songs from The Beatles to Lady Gaga.

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Birds strike Jackson

A dark, thick cloud of black appears on the horizon and quickly begins moving over Jackson. The blackness stretches from one end of the sky to the other, overtaking the last few minutes of sunlight. Thousands upon thousands of birds make up the black cloud. [more]