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Intramural flag football team, the Heartbreakers, celebrates their 12–6 victory over Brick House in a post-game huddle. The intramural system is maintained by student referees who learn game rules and officiate contests of their peers throughout the intramural season. | Photo by Victoria Stargel

By Grant Braden

Intramurals have been played for four years at the West Jackson Baptist Church softball fields. The wide range of sports played there includes ultimate frisbee, flag football and softball. It has not always been that way though.

At one time, intramurals were played in an open field where the Hope Quad now stands. The field was great for intramurals and was conveniently placed on campus. It took the hassle out of trying to find rides and racing to get to games on time, but the West Jackson fields have an array of benefits too.

Matt Brunet, director of Wellness Services, listed a couple of advantages.

“(West Jackson has) more space and outdoor lights, providing more games for students and more convenient game times,” he said.

It also allows for more games to go later and a comfortable environment where students can enjoy watching games.

Jordan Johnson, senior sociology major, said he enjoys the West Jackson fields.

“As far as convenience goes, with there being more room at West Jackson, it definitely goes a long way. It’s not super inconvenient. At most bigger schools, students have a five-minute drive to get to their fields.”

The fields are, at the most, two minutes away. Though fields on campus would be more convenient, West Jackson is a good substitution for intramurals.

Nonetheless, the construction of the Hope Quad on the old intramural field has rendered it useless for future sports.

“If there was a space on campus we played at, more people would come,” Johnson said.

“We are very aware of the situation and we are currently brainstorming new ways to provide additional space for intramural activities,” said Blake Pennington, intramural director and assistant resident director.

However, Union’s intramural and athletic staff say they are excited about the future of intramurals.

“We have received overwhelming support from Union’s administration,” Pennington said.  “We’re not ready to reveal any plans just yet, but I can promise you that this is a top priority for the intramural program.”

With the Great Lawn now off-limits, Pennington suggested students use the areas beside the soccer field and south of Hammons Hall for recreational play or practice for upcoming intramural games.

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