Shutterbugs snap frames, relate alternative views of Hub City to benefit missions

By Emily Anderson

The leadership team of Barefoots Joe is challenging students to photograph Jackson as a fundraiser for Global Outreach trips. The photograph itself depends on the individual’s view. The contest ends Nov. 12 and winners will be announced in Barefoots by Nov. 16.

“We left the parameters (of the photo contest) open in order to allow students to be creative and show what they see in Jackson,” said Joy Moore, director of student programs. “We hope it is an opportunity for them to go into the city and look for elements they notice in Jackson. These things may or may not be unique to Jackson, but we are excited to see what students discover.”

The photographs will be printed on postcards, which will contain photo credit and Barefoots Joe information on the back.

Postcards will be sold in packs and the profits will go toward GO trips. These GO trips will occur during winter term, spring break 2011 and summer 2011.

Photographs will be voted on by the leadership team of Barefoots Joe, as well as the designer for this project, Ryan Oetting, senior digital media studies major.

“Joy and I were originally working on something completely different and somehow our conversation switched to an idea for a contest,” Oetting said. “We were trying to think of ways to build community around the Barefoots brand and ultimately landed at a project that has little to do with Barefoots.

“We want people to show Jackson. That could mean anything, but we are excited to see how people interpret it.”

“The selection (of winning photographs) will be based on the number and quality of photos submitted,” Moore said.

Oetting said, “We’re not looking for professional photos. Any camera will work: cell phones, disposables, Polaroids, etc.”

Anyone has the capability to participate in this contest and help out with GO trips in an easy and rewarding manner.

There is no limit to the number of photos one can submit. To enter photos in the contest, “post them to our Facebook wall, reply to us on Twitter, e-mail them to or bring in a physical copy (to Barefoots),” Moore said.

Oetting added, “We hope people will have fun with it and participate, but I have no idea what will be submitted. We are going to turn some of the photos into postcards that will be sold for the holidays as a fundraiser for GO trips. If you don’t submit a photo, I hope you’ll at least buy some cards.”

The contest ends Nov. 12 and winners will be announced in Barefoots by Nov. 16.

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