New theater gives options, serves up perks for viewers

Cinema Planet 10, a new movie theater in Jackson, offers 10 screens, six of which are VIP theaters serving a meal with the movie. Dinner choices range from steaks and seafood to hamburgers and baskets of nachos. | Photo by Abigail Harris

By Megan Seals

Order a steak, side salad and New York-style cheesecake while sitting back to enjoy the latest feature movie in the comfort of not your own home, but an actual theater.

Cinema Planet 10 is the first theater in Jackson to feature its own full-service restaurant during movie showings.

The theater opened in early October, featuring 10 screens, a restaurant and a bar.

Also known as Cinema Bistro, the restaurant seats a capacity of 120 and offers a variety of food.

Along with the restaurant, six of the 10 screens are classified as VIP, letting moviegoers experience the full-restaurant service while watching their movie of choice.

“We are the only theater in Tennessee that features a full restaurant and bar,” said Richard Keenan Jr., city manager for the theater. “There are about 150 theaters that feature a restaurant and bar in the country and it is becoming a growing trend. You can have smaller intimate auditoriums with better seating and environment.”

With the VIP auditoriums, moviegoers are able to get full service during the film.

The non-VIP auditoriums do not feature the full service, but moviegoers can order from the restaurant in the lobby and can take their dinner and drinks into the theater.

Seating in both types of auditoriums are leather rocking seats, while the VIP seats are larger. The auditoriums can fit between 95 to 350 people.

Prices for VIP seating range from $10 matinee tickets to $13 night tickets, and non-VIP seats range from $6.50 matinee tickets to $9 night tickets.

The theater also features four 3-D theaters — two VIP theaters and two non-VIP theaters. Prices for food can range from $13 to $21 for adults to buy a meal, and $7 for children, plus drink prices.

“We feature the best seating, picture and food for all moviegoers,” Keenan said. “Theaters like this are long overdue in the Jackson and Memphis area.”

Justin Williams, sophomore chemistry major, described his experience at the theater.

“I liked the atmosphere the theater provided along with the convenience of being able to enjoy a movie and have someone serve me a meal,” Williams said.

“Although being able to watch a movie and enjoy a meal was great, I would have to say the best feature was the extremely comfortable chair I sat in. I felt like I was flying first-class on an airplane.”

Besides showing feature films, moviegoers are also able to see concerts and sporting events at the new theater.

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