Information Technology introduces new e-mail accounts

Jim Avery, associate vice president for Information Technology (right), talks about fibers used to control the Internet and cable for dorm rooms with Brad Seaton, network engineer for Information Technology. Avery said fibers are “veins” and the network is the university’s “brain.” | Photo by Deanna Santangelo

By Jordan Float

In an effort to make students’ Union e-mail accounts and user names more intuitive, Information Technology is implementing a change.

Students’ ID numbers will be replaced to incorporate the students’ first and last names. This applies to the students’ Union e-mail, Blackboard and Webadvisor user names said Jim Avery, associate vice president of Information Technology.

The transition will occur over Christmas break. Both e-mail accounts will be accessible during the transition stage until Jan. 3, when the transition to the new e-mail addresses will be fully complete.

Avery recently joined the Information Technology staff at Union. Many of the changes that have recently been implemented in the support area are due to his leadership.

“I’m excited he’s here,” said David Porter, director of data management. “He’s helping us think outside the box.”

The name “Computing Services” has officially been changed to “Information Technology” in order “to be more relevant with the market we serve,” Avery said.

Since Oct. 16 an online performance survey of Information Technology has been available for feedback and will be closing Nov. 12.

The survey consists of 18 questions for students, faculty and staff to express whether or not Information Technology is meeting their requirements.

“I expect the survey to tell us areas where we need to focus on improving the services we offer to our customers — the students, staff and faculty,” Porter said.

Avery said, “It will help me for planning, resourcing and staffing to make sure we have adequate resources for the technology services students, faculty and staff need. So it becomes a huge planning tool.

“I’ll come back again next October and do the same survey again, same 18 questions. And then again in year two and year three. I’ll be able to look over time as students’ and faculty’s needs change.”

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