Freshmen twins double friends

By Ellen Reinhard

When walking on campus one might think they are seeing double, but do not worry. It may just be one of the eight new sets of twins enrolled this semester.

One set of freshmen twins is Rob Griffith, freshman English and music double major, and his brother, Jay Griffith, English and political science double major. They decided on attending Union separately but now room together with two other men from their hometown of Nashville.

The stereotype of twins is they do all of the same activities. With the Griffith brothers, that is true only half the time.

“I want to do the one-acts in the fall for theater, possibly doing worship for some chapels and intramural flag football,” Jay Griffith said.

Rob Griffith added with a laugh, “I am doing the one-acts as well. I know that is the same as Jay, but I’m also going to audition for singers next year.”

The one similarity they do share is their love for music.

“My brother and I are in the same band, Flying Colours. Our whole band goes to Union right now and we have a CD coming out,” Rob Griffith said.

As is the case with most twins, people often confuse who is who. The brothers said this has gotten better since arriving at college.

The Griffiths’ roommate, Andrew Cox, freshman music and economics double major, is also a twin. However, his brother does not attend Union.

“I think when we were little we wanted to go to school together, but then decided later to go different places,” Cox said. “We were close in high school, but we actually didn’t go to the same school either.”

Cox said they have different friends but they still keep up with each other throughout the week.

Another set of freshmen twins who decided on their own to attend Union were Michael and Matthew Cole from Pueblo, Colo.

“We have a Christian radio station out in Colorado that kept advertising for Christian schools,” said Michael Cole, digital media studies major. “I ended up looking at Union, and I found the DMS program that looked interesting.”

Matthew Cole, also a DMS major, found out about Union after his brother. He had planned on attending the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, but with the “sibling discount and wide variety of classes, I could find something I liked.”

Michael Cole said, “We were fine with separating, but we realized it was the best college for both of us.”

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