Dodging for the ‘Canstruction’ cause

Nathan Fisher, senior English major, participates in the CANstruction dodgeball event. The fundraiser is sponsored by the Social Work Department and Lambda Chi Alpha. | Photo by Deanna Santangelo

Nathan Fisher, senior English major participates in the CANstruction dodgeball event. The fundraiser is put on by the social work department and Lambda Chi Alpha. | Photo by Deanna Santangelo

By Joey Davis

Dodgeballs fly about the gym as contestants scramble to avoid incoming agents of “death,” or in this case, “getting out.”

“We’re back to defend our title, and hopefully we will succeed,” said Grant Barnett, senior sports management major and member of Alpha Tau Omega.

Twelve teams came out to play in the Social Work Department’s annual dodgeball tournament, but more importantly to support “Canstruction.” Canstruction is a program endorsed by the Regional Inter-Faith Association to raise awareness and donated canned goods through a design contest. The canned goods used to create various structures are eventually donated to help feed hungry families in the area surrounding Jackson. Proceeds from the dodgeball tournament go toward purchasing the cans used by a collaborative team of social work and engineering students. Participants had to pay $5 to play.

The intentions of the participants may have been pure in heart, but the lust for blood was certainly prevalent on the court that night. At the beginning of the tournament, if a player hit someone else on the head or face, the thrower was out. That rule lasted for two games and was then changed to “any hit counts.”

Organizations represented in the tournament included Greek fraternities: Alpha Tau Omega with four teams, Lambda Chi Alpha with two and Sigma Alpha Epsilon with one team; Student Activities Council with one and a “Senior Social Work” team. The majority of the dodgers were men, however, sorority Chi Omega had one team represented.

“It felt nice being a part of the only female team, even if most of the people were guys,” said Allison Little, senior art major and member of Chi Omega. “I just hope more girls show up next year to help support the cause. Even though we lost, we had a great time playing.”

The tournament was double-elimination and had 21 different matches to help decide the victor. As Barnett hoped, the championship title ended up going to one of Alpha Tau Omega’s teams, “The Grinders.”

“We take our dodgeball seriously,” said Stephen Hauss, freshman business major and ATO member. “We even watched the movie, ‘Dodgeball,’ to get in the mood.”

Not only did ATO win the tournament, but raised more than $200 for the Canstruction cause.

“We all had a lot of fun tonight,” said Cassie Badillo, organizer of the dodgeball tournament. “It’s great being able to help others through something so simple, such as a dodgeball tournament.”

Image courtesy of Cardinal & Cream|Cardinal & Cream