Class starts with basics

By Emily Anderson

Dr. David Thomas, professor of history, teaches Danae Pacileo, junior intercultural studies major, Alex Rhodes, junior English major, and Rebecca Menhart, sophomore athletic training major, how to jump a car. | Photo by Rachel Golias

The Basics 101 session, held Nov. 30, helped teach women to get the most for their money.

Conducted in the Bowld Student Commons, it was a time for women to learn gift ideas, spending and finance solutions, and easy soup recipes.

“I want the attendees to learn to be creative with gifts they have, then use these gifts to show love to others,” said Ema VanCleave, resident director of the female quads.

VanCleave came up with the idea for Basics 101 in 2008.

“I always heard comments from graduates or students about not knowing a certain skill,” VanCleave said.  “Then I thought, ‘They could have learned that skill here.’

“There is no class offered at Union for these skills, so this is the perfect way to do it. It is beneficial and fun. It is just a fun setting with peers where you can learn life lessons outside of class and develop the whole person.”

Jeana Margaret Pratt, junior biology major, attended the first Basics 101 session on car maintenance with her friends.

“You never know when you are going to have car troubles,” Pratt said. “The class was very applicable because right after we learned how to change a tire, we changed my friend’s tire on her car.”

Becca Johnson, junior nursing major, said, “Women need to take these classes because they (teach) practical life skills. We sometimes forget these things are important to learn until … we need them.”

VanCleave is planning five Basics 101 sessions this  year. Spring classes will cover budgets, tips on insurance and what to look for in a job.

“I would love input on what you would like to learn more about,” VanCleave said. “Ideas that are presented now are a definite possibility to be shown (in the) spring of 2011.”

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