Author recounts biblical story in present-day context, reaches diverse audiences

By Sarah Chinery

A modern retelling of the book of Job relates to believers and non-believers in an understandable and humorous way.

Craig Davis, author of “The Job,” attended the University of Missouri, where he received a degree in journalism. Afterward, he spent 20 years working for newspapers, including “The Jackson Sun.” Now, he spends his time writing fiction.

“The Job” is the first book he has written that has commercial appeal. Referring to who he thinks will benefit most from reading the book, he jokingly said, “People who read it.”

He said he hopes the book will encourage Christians in their walk with God and have a spiritual impact on non-believers as well.

The main character of “The Job” is Joe B., a man who has successfully climbed the corporate ladder under the leadership of the Big Boss.

One day, Joe B. walks into the office to find he has been demoted to the mailroom with no explanation.

Suddenly, Joe B. must downsize his whole life. His wife and three daughters must suffer along with him. One of Joe B.’s daughters, Marie, has cerebral palsy. Davis said he chose to give Marie this ailment in honor of a friend.

“Marie is based on a friend’s daughter from my church,” he said. Davis wanted to honor her because “she remains faithful to Christ and humiliates Satan.”

Another character, Manny, is representative of a Christ-figure. He works in the mailroom with Joe B., where he tells him the Big Boss is his father.

Davis said he decided to put a Christ-figure in the book because Jesus is mentioned in Job 19:25, which says, “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and he shall stand at last on the earth.”

Davis said he wanted to recognize that verse by including a Christ-figure in his book. He said, “Christ enters into suffering with us,” which is what Manny does when he works in the mailroom with Joe B.

“The Job” is witty, insightful and, at times, surprising. It makes the book of Job relate more to readers and frighten them less, which Davis said was one of his goals in writing the book.

“The Job” is available through and eBooks, as well as other Internet sites. To find out more about “The Job,” check out the Facebook page dedicated to it, or

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